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M&P Sport 2 Review. S&w has kind of compensated for the lower quality barrel by adding a forward assist and the dust cover over the ejection port. I’m curious the overall opinion on the m&p sport ii by s&w.

Weaponsmart SMITH & WESSON M&P®15 SPORT™ II
Weaponsmart SMITH & WESSON M&P®15 SPORT™ II from

Below, i will take the time to explain why i feel this way. In the video i show the accuracy of the rifle, the det. It’s a decent trigger, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

Weaponsmart SMITH & WESSON M&P®15 SPORT™ II

Today announced that it has expanded its popular m&p family of modern sporting rifles (msrs) with the introduction of the m&p15 sport ii — a 2nd generation m&p15 sport rifle. One rifle on the lower end of the budget spectrum is the affordable and capable smith & wesson m&p15 sport ii. Smith and wesson launched the m&p 15 in 2006 and its sport ii model in 2016. This scope works well with a number of rifles, and because of its versatility, it makes its way to this list.